Top 19 TV Series like Stitch!

Stitch! is the anime adaptation of the animated feature film Lilo & Stitch and the successor for the Lilo & Stitch series by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It takes place after leroy and stitch and debuted in Japan on October 2008. The show features a Japanese girl named Yuna in place of Lilo, and is set on a fictional island in the Ryukyus off the shore of Okinawa instead of Hawaii. The island is called Izayoi. A second anime season, called Stitch! ~The Mischievous Alien's Great Adventure! began airing in Japan on October 13, 2009. A third yet different series from the first two season anime, entitled Stitch! ~Best Friends Forever~ aired on TV Asahi on July 6, 2010.</p><p></p><p>The first season began airing under the English language on the Australian Disney Channel on 4 December 2009, and went to also air in English later on Disney Channel Asia December 19, 2009. The first season premiered on Disney Channel Latin America on May 2, 2010, in Latin Spanish dub. The Second season premiered on Disney Channel Latin America on June 6, 2011. The Third Season premiered on Disney Channel Latin America on August 20, 2012.

Stitch! has 3 Seasons and 86 Episodes. The last episode aired on 2012-09-24, It was titled Ace's Back.

スティッチ! is Ended. It has an average vote of 7 on TMDB.

Genres: AnimationComedySci-Fi & Fantasy

1. Oh Yeah! Cartoons

Oh Yeah! Cartoons was an American animation showcase that appeared on the Nickelodeon cable channel. Oh Yeah! was an animation project guided by Fred Seibert, former Creative Director of MTV Networks and President of Hanna-Barbera. Produced by Frederator Studios, it ran as part of Nickelodeon's Nicktoons lineup, and in its second season, was hosted by Kenan Thompson of All That and Kenan & Kel fame; Then later by Josh Server, from All That, for its third season. Bill Burnett composed the show's theme music. Oh Yeah! Cartoons was distributed by Nelvana outside of the United States.</p><p></p><p>In terms of sheer volume, Oh Yeah! Cartoons remains TV's biggest animation development program ever. Giving several dozen filmmakers the opportunity to create nearly 100 seven-minute cartoons, the series eventually yielded three dedicated half-hour spin-offs:</p><p></p><p>⁕The Fairly OddParents</p><p></p><p>⁕ChalkZone</p><p></p><p>⁕My Life as a Teenage Robot</p><p></p><p>Nickelodeon's Oh Yeah! half-hour featured in its first season, a total of 39 brand new seven-minute cartoons in 13 episodes, surpassing the number of new cartoons and characters on any other single network. In its full run, Oh Yeah! Cartoons featured and produced over 99 cartoons and 54 characters.

It has an average vote of 9.3 on TMDB.

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2. Urban Vermin

Two raccoon brothers were once best friends until Ken decided to assemble an army of rats to help him seize control of all the garbage on their block. Then Abe decides to strike back against his evil brother and assembles his own team of resistance fighters to help him free the block from Ken's reign. Abe's team is called the GLF while Ken's army is simply called TRA .

It has an average vote of 6 on TMDB.

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3. Catfish Brasil (Catfish Brasil)

(Catfish Brasil)

It has an average vote of 7.6 on TMDB.

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4. Frankenstein: The True Story

Victor Frankenstein witnesses his creation turn uncontrollable after he's duped by his associate, Dr. Polidori.

It has an average vote of 8.5 on TMDB.

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5. 낭만닥터 김사부 3 (낭만닥터 김사부 3)

(낭만닥터 김사부 3)

It has an average vote of 10 on TMDB.

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6. Across Akustikhane (Across Akustikhane)

(Across Akustikhane)

It has an average vote of 9 on TMDB.

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7. Taskmaster Australia

Hosted by Tom Gleeson and Tom Cashman, an Australian adaptation of the British show.

It has an average vote of 5.5 on TMDB.

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8. Patrik Pacard (Patrik Pacard)

Patrik Pacard was the sixth ZDF-Weihnachtsserie, and aired in 1984. The series was broadcast in Germany on ZDF, and consisted of 6 episodes. Broadcasting in Germany began on December 25, 1984. The series was also broadcast in Switzerland, and constisted of 12 episodes. Broadcasting in Switzerland began on December 4, 1984.</p><p></p><p>An English-language version of this series was shown by the BBC in the United Kingdom in 1992, and repeated in 1995, though with a revised plot to reflect the end of the Cold War. A French-language version of this series was broadcast as well.</p><p></p><p>The shows titular character and theme song are incorporated in an internet meme on YTMND in relation to an alter-ego of Star Trek's Jean-Luc Picard.

It has an average vote of 8.2 on TMDB.

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9. Le Voyageur des siècles (Le Voyageur des siècles)

(Le Voyageur des siècles)

It has an average vote of 6 on TMDB.

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10. Efterlyst (Efterlyst)

Efterlyst is a Swedish TV program, equivalent of America's Most Wanted. The show plays security camera footage, reconstructions of crimes, and then takes calls and tips from the Swedish public. Efterlyst has since its start gotten many leads that have led to the arrest of many of Sweden's most noted criminals. In Swedish prisons, Efterlyst is commonly referred to as "Golartimmen", literally meaning "Snitch-hour".</p><p></p><p>The host, Hasse Aro, was, until the season of 2009, assisted by crime-expert Leif G W Persson. From the 2010 season he is assisted by former State Police Chief Tommy Lindström. Since 2011 he is assisted by Jens Lapidus and Thomas Bodström. In the 2012 season only Thomas Bodström will assist as expert commentator.

It has an average vote of 9 on TMDB.

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11. The Mike Douglas Show

The Mike Douglas Show is an American daytime television talk show hosted by Mike Douglas that originally aired only in the Cleveland area during much of its first two years on the air. It then went into syndication in 1963 and remained on television until 1982. It was distributed by Westinghouse Broadcasting and for much of its run, originated from studios of two of the company's TV stations in Cleveland and Philadelphia.

It has an average vote of 5.2 on TMDB.

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12. A Recipe for the Heart (美味天王)

A heartwarming drama about two chefs competing for the coveted title of “Master of All Chefs”, “A Recipe for the Heart” is a delightful combination of gracefully concocted food and great comedy.</p><p></p><p>Shek was the chef as well as the owner of the restaurant Delicious Garden. He disappeared after defeating by his good friend Shan in a cooking contest, leaving behind his wife Yuen and his daughter So So . Shan then disguised as Kut to help the two women and inspired So to be a good chef. The two became an odd couple but admired each other. Their relationships got complicated when Song claimed to be Kut’s fiancee... .

It has an average vote of 8 on TMDB.

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13. Jeu de Dames (Jeu de Dames)

(Jeu de Dames)

It has an average vote of 9 on TMDB.

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14. Nihon Boro Yado Kiko

After her father suddenly passes away 27 year old Hanuka Shinomiya finds herself the inexperienced owner of her late fathers talent management company. After the company staff quit Hanuka is left with just one client, a 48 year old one hit wonder singer named Ryuji Sakuraba who hasn't seen success since 1999. With no other clients and a box of Ryuii's unsold CD's, the two embark on a promotional Japanese tour where they stay at "shabby" hotels and experience the delights of discount dining.

It has an average vote of 6 on TMDB.

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15. Apollo: Back to the Moon (Apollo: Back to the Moon)

irected by François Pomès, this two-part documentary chronicles the epic adventure of the Apollo space program, which included both tragic setbacks and historic successes. The first phase takes place against a backdrop of the Cold War, from the disaster of the Apollo 1 mission to the triumph of the Apollo 8 mission. The last stage culminates with the Apollo 11 space flight which landed American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Moon. With full-color archival images and 3D reenactments of the mission's key stages, this immersive account details the journey of the men and women who contributed to the celebrated Apollo 11 mission.

It has an average vote of 7.7 on TMDB.

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16. Escortes (Escortes)

Valérie Blais explores the secretive world of those that professionally offer pleasure, comfort or intimacy in Quebec. More than twenty escorts recount their stories, and some of the unusual, a little crazy, or downright troubling client requests.

It has an average vote of 6 on TMDB.

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17. Love Ka Hai Intezaar (Love Ka Hai Intezaar)

Actress Kamini Mathur is an ordinary girl at heart, looking for true love and then she meets Madhav Singh Ranawat, a Rajasthani prince! Surrounded by powerful enemies, will these star-crossed lovers find a way to be together?

It has an average vote of 5 on TMDB.

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18. Choujin Barom-1 (超人バロム・1)

Chojin Barom One , or Superhuman Barom 1 is a live-action adaptation of a Japanese manga series written by Takao Saito, produced two years after the comic was originally released. It stars Hiroyuki Takano as Gentaro Shiratori and Hiroki Izuka as Takeshi Kido, the two protagonists.

It has an average vote of 10 on TMDB.

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19. Hi-5

Hi-5, an Australian children's television program, was first shown on the Nine Network in 1999. Hi-5 is known as a children's pop music group as well as being a television show, much like peer children's entertainers The Wiggles. They also teach arts and crafts. Hi-5 is now shown in approximately 80 countries.</p><p></p><p>Each year, the series has 45 episodes with nine weekly themes. In 2004, the show was marked by reduced episodes than normal, with 30 episodes in six weekly themes due to the band concentrating more on touring.</p><p></p><p>In 2009 was marked the beginning of the "second generation" of Hi-5, with all of the original members having departed in 2007/2008. The series was renewed for another five years with the new cast by the Nine Network, which would have the contract expire in 2013.</p><p></p><p>In March 2013, Hi-5's first movie, Some Kind of Wonderful, was released in selected Hoyts Junior cinemas around Australia and New Zealand. The movie showed the history of Hi-5's cast changes and a behind-the-scenes look at the search to find three new members, Dayen Zheng, Ainsley Melham and Mary Lascaris who would replace Fely Irvine, Tim Maddren and Casey Burgess in 2012/2013.</p><p></p><p>The new Hi-5 series called Hi-5 House will be filmed in Singapore, according to executive producer Julie Grenne. Currently, they commitment of concerts in some Asian countries with Hi-5 Wonderful Tour.

It has an average vote of 6 on TMDB.

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