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Rafadan Tayfa: Galaktik Tayfa

Akin is one of the brightest members of the astronomy club. Having discovered a spaceship that has settled into our orbit, Akın sits on the agenda of the world with this discovery. Hayri also contributed to the discovery, and this allowed him to gain a little fame. An alien, the real owner of the ship, who saw Hayri's photos in the newspapers and caught his attention, decides to find him in order to get him to help him. The alien, who sets out to find his fateful friend, is unaware that he is after a group of people whose intentions are not good at all.

Rafadan Tayfa: Galaktik Tayfa is of 0 hour(s) and 0 minute(s). It is Produced By:  ISF Film, TRT Sinema. It was released on 2023-01-05. It has an average vote of 10 on TMDB.

Genres: AnimationAdventure

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