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Among Dead Men

Bobby Delgado, undefeated MMA World Champion is incarcerated for eight years after accidentally killing his opponent. During this period of purgatory, Bobby experiences a paranormal 'life changing' event that will dictate his future path to redemption. Infuriated by the financial loss and the death of his master fighter, Jarvis Sweet swears vengeance on Delgado and finds himself a new hitter in the form of Wade Bull, a vicious ex underworld enforcer with killing skills few men can match.

Among Dead Men is of 1 hour(s) and 34 minute(s). It is Produced By:  . It was released on 2008-01-19. It has the tagline: No Rules - No Mercy - Scores Settled It has an average vote of 3.5 on TMDB.

Genres: ActionThriller

Top 0 Movies like Among Dead Men